Have They Not Heard?

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Have They Not Heard?
How the Heavens Made Salvation Known

Mankind needed salvation and this volume discusses one of the ways people learned of God’s plan for salvation: by way of the names of the stars in the heavens. This work examines the stunning 19th-century theory that the Gospel can be found in the stars. Have They Not Heard? responds to several questions: “Why did man need salvation?,” “How did God communicate this to people?,” and “What about those who have not heard?”

In the body of this work, a reconsideration of the original 19th-century theory is offered from a different angle. Then, it provides discussion concerning the salvation that has already come to mankind and how we can receive deliverance and enjoy all it provides. Based on the findings of history and archaeology, the volume also considers what certain people observed and thought about the heavens, and discusses the evolution of star names throughout history.

Bible students that have an interest in science will enjoy this subject as it shows that when science discovers the truth, it is always in agreement with the fountainhead of truth, the Word of God.

This is a hardbound book, 8.5″ x 5.25″, 310 pages.

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Have They Not Heard?


Raymond H. Myers

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The Center Union House, Huntingdon, PA 16652


United States of America


First Printing, November 2017


Hardbound book


8.50" x 5.25"



3 reviews for Have They Not Heard?

  1. Rube

    “Have They Not Heard” is a tremendous work of biblical research regarding the Gospel of God written in the stars. The book invites the reader to imagine himself looking at the night sky at a time when there was no written Word of God (and no light pollution!), a time when the night sky was ablaze with stars named by God telling of the promised Savior.

    The book reviews previous work that has been done by others, presents historical artifacts of cultures that have looked to the stars, and then shows how the names of the stars coincide with events recorded in God’s Word.

    “Have They Not Heard” is a joy to read. It is comprehensive, yet simply presented, suitable for the bible student of any age. Truly the stars in the night sky are by Divine Design and did not happen accidentally. We surely do have a Great Big Wonderful God !

  2. Gemma

    Have They Not Heard? has taught me things I never understood or even considered: the Tower of Babel is an example of something I never had a clue about. In addition, Noah understanding the message of the heavens and speaking it to others … never even thought about that!

    Your work and diligence are very appreciated. You have made the information EASY for me to understand. God bless you.

  3. Owen

    HAVE THEY NOT HEARD? an excellent book for anyone’s library. I’ve been a student of the Word of God since 1979 this is a very informative read. I found the consideration of the months of Nisan and Tishri, and the deliverance our Wonderful Heavenly Father brought to pass from THE EXODUS of the children of Israel to the birth OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST (and many things in between), to be a thrilling exposé on DELIVERANCE for all of mankind. Excellent read. Thanks Ray for writing this book.

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