Your Words Were Found Volume Two


Your Words Were Found – Volume Two
A Series on the Word of Truth

Volume Two of Your Words Were Found will help improve your walk with God. In this volume, we will consider topics often confused, but clearly stated in the Bible. These include the critical subjects of spiritual matters, baptism, and accepting your complete forgiveness.

This volume also addresses the importance of fellowshipping together with your brothers and sisters, working as a means of glorifying God and His Son, and the joy of giving back in service to others and in support of spreading the gospel. While the world does not teach, neither does it accept the value of these matters, God’s Word explains and defines His will regarding them. Lining up our lives with His will brings us profit and glorifies His name.

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Your Words Were Found – Volume Two

Compiled By

Raymond H. Myers

With Contributions From

Jesse McCree, Sam Pittenger, Colleen Seace, David Seace, and Shawn Weir

Library of Congress Control Number





The Center Union House, Huntingdon, PA 16652


United States of America


First Printing, August, 2020


Softbound book


8.50" x 5.25"




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