Your Words Were Found Volume Three


Your Words Were Found – Volume Three
A Series on the Word of Truth

Volume Three of Your Words Were Found will help you strengthen your relationship with your Heavenly Father and your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A strong relationship is developed by recognizing the benefit of seeking Him daily, spending time with Him in prayer, and through reading and meditating upon His Word. We need God and we can rely on Him. In addition, He delights when we come to Him. Moreover, our relationship grows through reading the Bible, an inexhaustible source of joy and rejoicing in Him and His Son. When followed, these steps will bring the joy and rejoicing of your heart.

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Your Words Were Found – Volume Three

Compiled By

Raymond H. Myers

With Contributions From

James Drinks III, Jesse McCree, Ray Myers, Sam Pittenger, and Shawn Weir




The Center Union House, Huntingdon, PA 16652


United States of America


Softbound book


8.75" x 5.50"



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