Your Words Were Found Volume Four


Your Words Were Found – Volume Four
A Series on the Word of Truth

Volume Four of Your Words Were Found introduces us to many of the teachings that Jesus Christ gave to his followers. Because Jesus Christ spoke and taught the things that God wanted him to speak and teach, we can be certain that his teachings are just as pertinent today as when they were first given.

In this volume we learn about what he taught concerning the kingdom of God, what it means to be his disciple, and the importance of leading and serving others with humility. We also learn about loving God above all else, the importance of observing communion, His promise to send the Comforter, and so many other things. The principles taught by our Lord are timeless, and this volume will introduce you to many of his teachings and how to apply them in your life.

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Your Words Were Found – Volume Four

Compiled By

Raymond H. Myers

With Contributions From

Peter Blake, James Drinks IV, Jesse McCree, Ray Myers, James Nichols III, Sam Pittenger, and Shawn Weir




The Center Union House, Huntingdon, PA 16652


United States of America


Softbound book


8.75" x 5.50"



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